Body Rhythms


Body Rhythms are premised on the mind-body-heart connect and understanding that the body influences the mind and the heart and vice-versa. “The physical and emotive states are interconnected; we can change the emotive state to a more centred space by moving the body”.

These exercises break the mind-body dichotomy, pushing participants to realise the myriad ways in which the body can be used to influence the mind. The exercises, Morning Chi exercises, Walk of Life and the Four Stages of Movement can be thought of as cleansing or re-centring exercises. These are based on highly scientific body emotive sciences such as the Alexander Technique, Gurdjeiff, Laban etc.

Please watch the video on this page along with the photographs to know more of the process.

These exercises carry out the following benefits:

  • Synchronization of mind and body
  • Help analyse one’s movement patterns and witness that a change in the movement pattern has a corresponding change in the mental state.
  • Allowing for an understanding of the process by which one can synchronize oneself to others’ pace.
  • Breaking the shackles of duality.