Confronting Fear


Fear is an emotional response to a real or perceived threat! It acts as a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus such as pain or threat or danger. What is to be understood is what a “perceived” threat means. When the threat is real, something visual, something in your face; the flight or fight syndrome kicks in which the threatened either runs away or stays put and fights it.

When fear is perceived; maybe unreal; it may cause the body to slow or shut down without having a concrete reason or stimulus to re-act on.

Fear resides in the stomach. No wonder when you are scared of something, there is a twist in the stomach; a churn that you wish wasn’t there.

Syngrity has done exhaustive research in the field of fear for over 8 years and it realizes that fear is useless if it freezes you and till the time the threat is not confronted from a position of power, not force, it cannot be dealt with effectively.

As a part of the confronting fear module, we take our participants through fire-walking, glass walking and bar bending – experiential activities which seem almost impossible to do but when you are able to look at it from a distance, you realize that it is very simple, easy and fearless.

‘Confronting fear’ deconstructs the emotion of fear- the walk through the coals, glass or bending rods and is able to break down the barrier that fear creates by building-up scenarios of extreme pain, anguish and failure. It confirms the idea of mind and matter instead of mind over matter and creates a space for a great sense of affirmation of what one is capable of doing – i.e. moving beyond seemingly insurmountable fears.

Benefits / Learnings:

  • Looking at the task at hand and not short lived perceived advantages.
  • Impossible is Nothing.
  • Mind and matter can be altered with super luminal energy (thought).
  • Positive attitude