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Current – The Hero’s Journey

So what are the challenges you are facing in your daily life?

Do these challenges truly “challenge” you or do they scare you?

What relevant strengths you possess to meet these challenges and what strengths you still need to develop to be successful?

The Hero’s Journey helps find some answers…
The Hero’s journey by Joseph Campbell talks about the journey of the protagonist and his personal reflective processes. As you go through this journey, you will experience the same churning. There is a call for adventure in each one of us, there is some resistance and then you put your trust in someone who helps you cross the threshold.

Once you have taken the leap of faith, you are put through tests and ordeals which make you question yourself at every step. Something akin to what you face in daily life. The personal challenges, the doubts, the worries.

hero journey

Current, the Hero’s journey will allow you to find the Hero within you.You will get an excellent insight into your current signature strengths that are enabling you through the Employee Thriving Index based on positive psychology.

What you will bring back will be a personal internal environment that is DIFFERENT.

It will never be the same again.