Employee Thriving Index (ETI)


Employee Thriving Index (ETI)


Designed for working professionals across all levels of seniority, the Employee Thriving Index (ETI) is a transformative, leading-edge psychometric assessment to assess personal strengths, potential blind spots and work orientations. Based on over a decade of research on the theoretical foundations of positive psychology and the transformative science of strengths, ETI is a unique tool which assesses 27 critical factors needed for the 21st century workplace such as grit, resilience, mindset, self-efficacy, accountability and positivity. It is one of only four strengths-based assessments in the world, with extensive global norms, with a key focus on emerging markets.

The ETI is used extensively in selection and hiring, for coaching, managerial and leadership development, career fitment as well as succession planning. Unlike other ‘popular’ personality assessments which assess traits that are hard to change in adults, the factors assessed on the ETI can be developed and changed, hence highly transformative in impacting engagement, performance and productivity at the workplace.