I Love you, Let’s … ?

Total involvement in a topic of universal concern – RELATIONSHIPS… Gain some insights through a mix of laughter, introspection and interactive theatre.

Don’t miss the chance to catch the highly innovative and endearing piece of theatre that has been doing the rounds lately.

The play (original title : ‘I Love You, Let’s Have Sex’) opened at the Delhi Contemporary Arts Festival to hugely positive response and has a proven track record – since then having played at venues as diverse as various independent performing spaces, at bars and pubs, as part of a therapist’s workshop session, at a conference, and even on invitation to a wedding celebration party – all to great success.
The play offers insights into how relationships work and changes we can make as individuals to help find connection and empathy with each other.

The play is about a topic of universal relevance – human relationships – and has been described by audience members as ‘innovative’, ‘funny’, ‘endearing’, ‘sensitive’, ‘witty’, ‘intelligent’, ‘insightful’, ‘quirky’, ‘joyful’, ‘hilarious’ and ‘thought-provoking’.


In terms of form, it is played in an ‘interactive theatre’ style – which means it involves the audience from the word go, not just as spectators, but as contributors and creators. This leads to a positive, energetic, symbiotic relationship between the performers and audience, ensuring that each performance is unique and unforgettable. Recognizing the universality of the content, the actors find ways in which to interact with the audience directly – leading to improvised audience involvement, some real ‘aha’ moments and more than a little madness! This unusual, fun-filled and yet sensitive and insightful production is portable, light-weight and easy to set up in a variety of spaces.

Language – English
Duration – 70 minutes, no intermission
Performed by : Ashish Paliwal, Shena Gamat and Shivam Pradhan – all veteran Delhi-based theatre practioners, voice over artists and film actors.