Listening Skills

Syngrity treats the issue of listening well from two spaces:

  • Physical
  • Behavioral

The ear is a complex set of small bones, hair, cartilage and neurological transfer functions, which become sluggish because of the influx of Infrasounds in the environment around us. Through specifically designed sound-scapes, we re-train the ears to start listening better.

Please listen to the track on this page, with headsets, to experience what these sound-scapes do


Whilst, the physical aspect of listening is addressed, there are attitudinal and behavioral issues because of which a person may not want to listen the FULL message. Usually listening happens at the superficial level of “point of view” i.e. the words, missing out on two crucial elements: “Related emotion” and “Deeper positive intention”. Syngrity spends time with the participants sharing the 3 step listening process post which the ability to listen improves many folds.