Our Team

Vikram Badhwar

Vikram Badhwar is a multifaceted individual – an experiential educator, executive coach, musician, martial artist, adventurer, actor, a communications expert; all rolled into one. He has been using experiential methods of education since the nascent stages of experiential methodology in India.

He started Syngrity in 2002 and has ever since, built a space in the industry as a Creative Solutions Provider.

He has worked across industries in the last decade and a half using business, experiential and holistic methodologies in the space of Organizational Development, executive coaching and building sustainable models of transformation at a personal, team and organizational level.

He also runs a security organization managing over 150 guards. Vikram is also on the executive council for Young Indians (Yi) – the youth wing of CII. He currently heads Learning and Development for Yi – Delhi.

Vikram can be reached at vikram@syngrity.com

Himanshu Arora

Himanshu is an MBTI, NLP & PEQM (EI) certified facilitator with over 18 years of experience, both of working inside & outside organizations. He has the ability to deliver clear business results through creating & delivering strategic Learning & Development initiatives. As a change catalyst, he has worked across industries helping organizations define clear visions and implementing them through action. An experienced facilitator, he has a fun style of training and uses humor to bring his workshops to life.

Having worked with various companies, both established companies & start-up’s, Himanshu brings a strong touch of pragmatism to his interactions. He has set up & led global teams to manage talent which brings a very evolved perspective to the approach he takes towards talent transformation

He is also a trained theatre artist and incorporates techniques from theatre into his workshops. As a passionate & respected food blogger & critic, he manages one of the biggest food groups in Gurgaon, is regularly invited by restaurants for food reviews & is mentoring 3 food based start-up’s.

Himanshu can be reached at himanshu@syngrity.com

Meet Our Team

Barsha Arora
Business Development

Barsha is an MBA in HR. An excellent mother and a professional, Barsha is good at analysing the challenges clients face and suggesting the best possible solutions. Having worked with multi-national, domestic, large & start-up organisations has given Barsha a well rounded perspective which ensures that she makes decisions based on sound judgement.

She is the bread earner for Syngrity as the head of business development. Her connect with the clients is excellent and like all mothers.

Barsha can be reached at barsha@syngrity.com

Suchet Malhotra
Master Trainer

Suchet is a percussionist and producer. He plays instruments from the world’s native cultures—the tabla, khanjira & ghatam from India, the west African djembé, the flamenco cajon, darbouka from Egypt, bongos from Cuba, the Congolese udu drum, the Australian aboriginal yidaki/didgeridoo, fujara from Slovakia, the native flute, Tibetan Nga, and more. With a diverse collection of native, tribal and ambient instruments, Suchet’s repertoire spans the globe, and continues to grow.

Suchet can be reached at suchet@syngrity.com

Sukhesh Arora
Master Trainer

Sukhesh Arora – Sukhesh worked in advertising, moonlighted with theatre action group (tag), took a longish break teaching kids in Uganda, headed to England on Acharles Wallace fellowship and studied physical theatre at Royal Holloway College, London.
He founded yellowcat in 2005, prior to which he was director of the imago t.i.e. (theatre in education) company. He was nominated in 2012 for the international visitors leadership program (IVLP) by the U.S. Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

Sukhesh can be reached at sukhesh@syngrity.com