Percussion Workout

Percussion Workout

Music and rhythm has the energy to bring together masses. Rhythms create a sense of bonding, camaraderie, unity and collaborative success – what organizations need for their teams today.

Community drumming has been used for centuries across cultures to ward off negative energies, for team building, to connect with each other and your own self.

Percussion workout enables participants in teams to connect with each other at a pragmatic level using rhythm and music as the catalyst. The retention levels of the participants from the learning derived from Percussion Workout is much longer as compared to other team building exercises as the experience is derived out of community based learning and is rhythmically inclined. Experiential learning to the core!

Benefits / Learning

  • Trusting the process
  • Trusting the leader
  • Helps in aligning the left and right hemispheres of the brain
  • Unifies the participants
  • Understanding of hierarchies
  • Inspirational and Fun
  • Highly motivational