Sensual Organics


The idea of this revolutionary practice came from an observation. As facilitators, we have been involved in sharing what we know to a lot of individuals around the country. May it be a very process or business specific training program or a program around awareness and creativity, what the participants require is a level of awareness and openness to the learning. What also happens in a training program, at a non-visual level, is the increase in the collective vibrations of the whole group.
And then comes the mealtime!

The training programs organized at hotels and banquet halls or offices serve meals, which are cooked commercially, with little awareness and obviously lesser consciousness. Chemicals like Mono Sodium Glutamate and Baking soda is added to allow the food to degenerate fast and hence cook faster. The vibrational quality of the food is low because of which the person who consumes the food also ends up decreasing his or her vibrational quantity which was raised during the training program. The food is usually heavy (a myth: the heavier the food, the better the return for money and the tastier it is) which makes the participant drowsy and sleepy.

Sensual Organics addresses the vibrational and the sensual element of consumption. Sensual Organics is the art and science of consumption.
Sensual Organics heals through the following:

Blind folded Meals – Most of us in this multi faceted world have become visual, very dual in our approach. Somuchso, we bank on our visual sense the most thus ignoring and dimming our other 4 senses. Through a sit down pre-plated meal, while participants are blindfolded, thus cutting off the visual sense, an unforgettable experience and a wow-ness is achieved as the other senses such as touch, sound, taste and smell are accessed. Participants also go through an array of emotions. While participants would have understood the power of super luminal energy and added some of it to their meal, it becomes one of the most nourishing experiences of their lives.

Cookout – A wonderful team-building activity to create a strong bond of team camaraderie – a cookout is a wonderful way in studying team dynamics especially when the end product is the VERY meal that would be available for consumption. After doing the FIRO B psychometric instruments and dividing the group in different teams based on the four quadrants, teams are judged on cleanliness, presentation, preparation and taste while they cook a sample meal for the whole team to taste.

Benefits / Learnings:

  • Heightened awareness of food and liquid intake.
  • Using other senses besides visual sense. Strong intuitive powers developed.
  • A body cleansing process to release toxins and toxic thoughts.
  • Healthy bodies by the 3rd phase of Sensual Organics.