Style of Language for Senior Executives

Syngrity recognizes the importance of speaking well in today’s multi-cultural and diverse environment. Everyone needs to be able to speak well irrespective of what language is being used to convey the message. The right style is what gets the message across and the right response!

English is the working language of the people of India. At least for a certain sizable section. As one of our CORE STRENGTH”, Syngrity has already invested close to 17000 hours of working time with people across the country including junior and mid level management, actors, politicians, theater artists, Voice over professionals and senior executives.

  • Style of Language comprises of two sections
  • Study of Breath, attitude and behavioral pattern
  • Study of the sounds in the language

While the senior executive spends one-on-one time with Vikram Badhwar and his team in a very intense 40 hour package (spread across 2.5 months) and 18 optional sessions thereafter (3 sessions/month for 6 months as follow-up), the senior executive learns to be aware of his or her BREATHING CYCLE hence affecting the thinking patterns, processing patterns and language patterns. Couple with the technical knowledge of the PHYSICALITY of SOUND, the senior executive is well equipped to speak slowly hence increasing comprehensibility with the peers, subordinates and enhancing leadership skills.

Various tools like Multimedia, body emotive sciences and Guided Imagery in Music is used while working with the senior executive. Presentations pertaining to the actual KRA are made by the senior executive at every stage of the project and feedback given on the same. A detailed report with the learning flow chart of the senior executive is shared with the sponsors of the project at every stage.

We also do group sessions of not exceeding 16 individuals per class for junior management and members of other industries.