Who we are


Syngrity Transformation Solutions uses experiential, creative, holistic and business sciences that help in transformation at an individual, team and organizational level.

Our strategic partnerships allow us to plan, organize and conduct workshops and intervene with organizations across the globe giving life to the phrase, Geography is History.


Thank you for taking time out to explore Syngrity.

We understand that learning is a process and not a one time event. We believe that leaders are created by DOING, not just THINKING. We believe that transformation has to happen at three levels: personal, team and organization for it to be sustainable and for it be fruit bearing.


A goal that wants organizations to train their employees in par-de-excellence Intra Leadership and communication skills ( Inter and Intra), a thought where employees would have the ability to think, to question themselves, to see and study their personal vision, to be an asset for their organizations, to respect themselves and others alike, to be Business Artists, to work in flow, to be channels of integrity, dignity and respect and to be the Super Professionals that every individual is capable of.

Why Choose Us

Change never happened in a jiffy! It takes time and it is a process. ― Tsunetomo Yamamoto, in his book Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai mentions that, “Purity is something that cannot be attained except by piling effort upon effort.” We believe that processes are made successful with a lot of effort. There are no shortcuts.

Syngrity uses avantgarde processes and methodologies using the 5 elements of nature may it be sound and rhythm, fire, water, sky and earth

We are interested in working with a person, team or an organization as a solutions provider. We will LISTEN to what the NEED is, and listen some more. Only after we are clear of what the need is, will we start solutioning. We are very selective of the work we take in order to provide meaningful solutions. We are inclusive in our approach. We will talk to every stake holder in the business vertical ensuring robust transformation at the personal, team and organizational level.

We want to build a relationship with you in the long run and not deliver flash in the pan interventions. We want to be your one stop shop for all your learning, logistics and OD needs.

Our team of master facilitators and strategic partners are highly qualified and come from diverse backgrounds, may it be business, artistic or holistic. Our testimonials are an example of the excellence that the team strives for.

What We Specialize in

Experiential Sciences for adult learning, using creative mediums such as sound, percussion, art, theatre, food and the body to derive sustainable learning.

CURRENT – based on Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey: expedition style inner leadership program.

Psychometric Instruments such as Employee Thriving Index (ETI) and MBTI. We are the India partners for ETI.

One on one coaching, for senior leaders, addressing advanced skill in communication skills.

Building Aligned Cultures, by collectively designing the values, vision and mission statement for your team and organization. Interspersing activity based learning with organizational behavioral studies, this methodology makes retention and commitment levels robust.