Moving Canvases


Moving CanvasesTM simultaneously uses Movement, Colour and Blue Ocean Strategy on a blank canvas.

This is a play shop about exploring your own creative potential and finding alternative expression. It’s an exercise in truly thinking out of the box, breaking patterns, and allowing your mind and body expression in ways previously not known/undiscovered. It’s about taking up challenges, calculating risks, and achieving goals in areas, which require you to be creative and adventurous.

Through Moving CanvasesTM we aim to give you an experience/a taste of allowing different forms of expression to flow through your body and mind, into your teams, into your workplace, into your life and into the universe.


  • To apply blue ocean strategy in a different format, and infer its results/its intricacies through the playshop.
  • To find a way to allow the whole body to express, thus finding alternative expression.
  • To discover the joys of colours and canvas, and achieve a goal in a previously unknown field with a sense of triumphant celebration.
  • To be able to retrace their steps towards the achievement of goals, so that duplication can be possible.

What you receive:

  • This is an exercise, not only in alternative thinking and thinking out of the box, but also a PRACTICAL APPLICATION of the same.
  • A sense of celebration, as they all come together to achieve the tasks at hand.
  • To realize the intricacies of team work, and understand them through the playshop.
  • A sense of achievement in getting to goals in a ‘blue ocean’ previously unexplored.